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This space is about increasing our enjoyment of the young children in our lives through concrete action and by adjusting the lens through which we view them. My work comes out of LifeWays, which is inspired by Waldorf education. I welcome your comments, and questions about increasing your enjoyment of the children in YOUR life.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm Back!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all of your good wedding wishes.  I'm back from my honeymoon, feeling rejuvenated, and ready to get going again!

And...it's taking my brain a bit of effort to switch gears.  So give me a hand and get me started:  what questions or issues are you working with at home or in your program?  What feels good and what feels challenging?  Post in the 'comments' here, or email me privately at faithrainbow@yahoo.com and let me know.  Questions always get my creative juices flowing...

Miss Faith (or should I be Mrs. Faith?  Mrs. Collins?  I think I'll stick with Miss Faith, at least for now...)

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  1. Welcome back and congratulations! I have a question for you - my son is 15 mo old and is the messiest eater you can imagine. For the most part I let him feed himself (he loves it) but eventually he starts throwing food all over the place. At that point I assume he is full and ready to get down and play, but often he'll keep eating. I don't want to take the food away if he is still hungry, but I'm also losing my patience with the food flinging. It's great that we have a dog who cleans up most of the mess - but still... :-) Any advice?

  2. Great! I'll get some ideas to you asap!

  3. My daughter is two and my son is almost one month old. My daughter is madly in love with her baby brother and wants to hold and carry him. I help her hold him while sitting down, but am having a tough time redirecting when she tries to pick him up or take him out of my arms and pulls on him. I find myself saying no while playing tug o war with my infant- not effective parenting :(
    Really, I'm looking for advice on those situations when the toddler puts herself or others in harms way. Another similar example is that when she plays with her friends, she will hug and not let go until the friend cries or falls over.

  4. Ah...the old death-grip-hug! I have some thoughts for you, and I'll write them in a new post in a couple of day.

    -Miss Faith