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This space is about increasing our enjoyment of the young children in our lives through concrete action and by adjusting the lens through which we view them. My work comes out of LifeWays, which is inspired by Waldorf education. I welcome your comments, and questions about increasing your enjoyment of the children in YOUR life.



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If you spend your days with children ages 1-5, you will love this live teleclass!  Filled with practical tips and inspiration, this multi-media class will be a combination of online readings and discussion, conference calls, and video footage taken at my home daycare, Rainbow Bridge.  Classes take place by phone, while videos are watched online.

Topics include:
-Life as the Curriculum
-Teach Children to Interact Graciously
-Make Mealtimes Special
-Smooth and Easy Transitions
-A Nurturing Environment
-Be Your Best Self

Six Sundays, 2:00-3:15pm Mountain Time, January 22-February 26, 2012
All calls will be recorded for those who can't make it

Course price is $220
Enroll with a friend, assistant, grandparent or nanny, for $165 each.
If you have taken the class before, you can take it again for half price.

What past students are saying about the class:
"I can't tell you how much I appreciate this class.  It truly has done wonders for our family and for me as a mom.  The tips have been amazing and even just the act of being on the calls calms me.  My husband has noticed a big difference with me and with the boys... I got more than I imagined I would have gotten [from this class]."
                                                                -C.L., mother of 2
"Every week has given me new ideas to try and made me more mindful of all the elements that go into this work...Love your teaching, the three layers of: watch the video, hear your comments on it and live question session, followed by written thoughts, and follow-ups to specific questions, it really creates a rich texture to the class."
                                                                 -H.C., mother of 2 and Parent/Tot teacher
"I am sooooo happy with this class!! And so grateful for all that you are sharing with us. I can't tell you how many jems I have already taken from this course.  I want to say so much more but nap time is almost over!!! I think 'I love it' and 'thank you' sums it up."

                                                                 -T.H., mother of 3 and home-daycare provider

I will work with you one-one-one to improve your day, whether you have a home daycare or with your own children.  Brainstorm new ways to approach challenging behavior, help establish a rhythm, get ongoing support as you you turn aspirations into solid changes.
Cost:  $60-$90/hr, depending on need and frequency of calls.
Email me with questions or to express interest at faithrainbow@yahoo.com

Invite me into your home to observe your day, and I will give suggestions and show you techniques specifically for you and your children.  Available in one, three, or five visit packages, with email and phone support between visits.  Metro Denver area.
Email me for rates and availability.