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This space is about increasing our enjoyment of the young children in our lives through concrete action and by adjusting the lens through which we view them. My work comes out of LifeWays, which is inspired by Waldorf education. I welcome your comments, and questions about increasing your enjoyment of the children in YOUR life.


Toy Stores and Song Books

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Two Tall Trees
This online store has just opened.  It is a goldmine of resources for parents and caregivers, from fantastic kitchen items to fleece-lined rain overalls.

Waldorf-Style Toys

A Toy Garden

Song Books With CDs

A wonderful book with songs for setting the table, sweeping the floor, brushing teeth and hair...

The Singing Baby
A delightful collection of bouncing games, peekaboo songs, and other active songs to sing with children up to age 4.

Need a little inspiration for bedtime?  This book/CD has songs both old and new.  As with all of her books, the CD is designed for you to learn the songs to sing to your child, and is not meant to be played directly to the child.

I haven't read this book, so if anyone tries it, let me know how it is!