Welcome to Joyful Toddlers!

This space is about increasing our enjoyment of the young children in our lives through concrete action and by adjusting the lens through which we view them. My work comes out of LifeWays, which is inspired by Waldorf education. I welcome your comments, and questions about increasing your enjoyment of the children in YOUR life.


Links and Resources

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Rainbow Bridge LifeWays Program
The wonderful LifeWays program that my mom and I opened together in 2008.

The Greater Good Science Center
This center in California disseminates research that's being done on Happiness.  Lots of interesting and inspiring articles.

Two Tall Trees
A new online store with resources for parents and caregivers.  Naptime supplies, kitchen supplies, and fleece-lined rain pants, to name a few!

Online Waldorf Library
Great resource for parents, homeschoolers, and teachers of all ages.

Waldorf In the Home
This website is great resource for parents, homeschools, and childcare providers.  And it's put out by my mom, Rahima Baldwin Dancy!

LifeWays of North America
Learn more about the LifeWays philosophy or how to take the LifeWays training.  These trainings happen in four 1-week segments over the course of a year, and are currently offered in California, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Maine.  I can't recommend it enough.

The Conscious Parenting Guide
From pregnancy through early childhood.

Little Acorn Learning
Resources and inspiration for homeschooling and being at home with children.

The Virtues Project

Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication)