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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Exciting New Classes


Hi Everyone,

I'm both pleased and excited to be able to offer two new classes this spring.  One will be located in Boulder and will be aimed primarily at parents (although daycare providers will benefit too!), and the other is available to anyone with a phone and a computer, and is aimed primarily at home daycare providers (although parents will benefit too!).  Let me tell you a little more about them:

Joyful Days with Toddlers
I'm super excited for this tele-class.  It will be a six-week live teleclass class, made up of online discussions, weekly conference calls, and video footage from my own home daycare, Rainbow Bridge.

 You can sign up for either for the Sunday course (with calls on Sunday at 2pm Mountain Time, starting Feb 27) or Tuesday course (calls on Tuesday evening at 6:30pm Mountain time, starting March 1), but all calls will be recorded in case you miss one

Keep your eyes on Joyful Toddlers for a sample of the type of footage you'll see in the class, coming soon!  Topics covered will include:

1. Life as the Curriculum
2. Teach Children to Interact Graciously
3.  Make Mealtimes Special
4.  Space that You Love & Care for
5.  Smooth and Easy Transitions
6.  Be Your Best Self

I am pleased to be working with Lisa McVicker of Prosperity Media on this course.  Lisa shot all of the Rainbow Bridge video last summer, and will be handling the technical aspects of this course.  We will be in good hands!

Because this is the first class of its kind, I will be limiting the spaces and offering the course at an introductory rate of $150.  Please email me at faithrainbow@yahoo.com to hold your spot.

Parenting Inspiration
While the class above is new and exciting, this class will be be warm and inviting. This class in Boulder, CO is about connecting with other parents, discussing thought-provoking articles, getting concrete ideas for your home life, and doing art and handwork projects that you never have time to do in your busy life.  This class is about taking the time out of your week to slow down, to breathe, to connect with other adults who are in the same situation.  This class is about self-care and inspiration.  I will bring in a list of suggested topics, but the class will choose the topics that feel most relevant to them.

 I am still settling on a location, which will determine its days/times, but it will run from late Feb through March. If you're interested please email me at faithrainbow@yahoo.com  and let me know if daytime or evenings are better for you.  Classes will be once a week, two hours each.  This class is offered on a sliding scale, $160-$240.

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